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Trailer - 6 yard_edited

Trailer - 6 yard_edited

Estate Administration, Organization and Clearing

From basic consulting over the phone to working closely with the personal representative, we can help as much or as little as you need. Below is a list of some of the services we offer:

Immediate Needs

  • Coordinate changing of locks

  • Care-taking of house, pets, etc.

  • Remove food in refrigerator

  • Secure mail, packages

  • Prepare home for arrival of family

  • House-sit during memorial service


Estate Administration

  • Locate & organize important documents

  • Refer to attorneys and CPA’s

  • Act as Personal Representative

  • Perform administrative & financial tasks

  • Arrange appraisals of real estate and belongings

  • Inventory and distribute personal property

  • Assist with internet accounts/digital assets

Estate Clearing

  • Sort personal property for storage, sale and/or donation

  • Coordinate with private dealers, auction, consignment or estate sale companies

  • Document and arrange for donations

  • Clean out trash and recycling

  • Provide local resources for cleaning, repairs and Realtors; available to meet contractors on-site

Other Services

  • Return rented items, i.e. medical equipment, cable/internet boxes, etc.

  • Shred documents

  • Digitize or copy photos, slides and videos

  • Dispose of medications and household chemicals

Do It Yourself

  • Provide direction and a timeline to guide you

  • Give you access to our wide range of professionals to suit your specific needs

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