Estate Clearing and Liquidation

What am I going to do with all of this stuff?

Perhaps one of the most overwhelming aspects of dealing with an estate is the "stuff". We are professional organizers and know exactly where to start.


  • Find items that family and friends may have inherited

  • Complete a personal property inventory

  • Sort personal property for storage, sale and/or donation

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  • A whole house full? We partner with Schur Success Group in Monument, CO to perform an online estate auction.

    • We "lot", photograph and describe every item for sale and list it through an online auction platform

    • All items are stored at the home for the 10-14 days that the auction is "live".

    • Only winning bidders are given the address once the auction closes.

    • Auction pick up occurs the 2nd day after the auction closes. Winning bidders are scheduled in 5-10 minute time increments in order to comply with COVID-19 social distancing and large group gathering limitations.

    • This method is more efficient, attracts buyers from near and far, most everything sells, and sells for the same price or better than estate sales.

  • Have less than a house full, firearms, jewelry, vehicles, coins or stamps? We can coordinate a smaller consignment auction, contact private dealers or inquire with consignment stores to find a new home for as many things as possible.



  • Document and arrange for donations

  • Don't know the best donation sources for what you have? We do!


Final Clearing

  • Clean out trash and recycling

  • Deliver unusable household hazardous waste to  El Paso County

  • Recycle mattresses and electronics

  • Shred documents

  • Properly dispose of medications

  • Return rented items, i.e. medical equipment, cable/internet boxes, etc.

  • Provide local resources for cleaning, repairs, and Realtors; available to meet contractors on-site

Want to Do It Yourself?

  • For a small fee we will provide you

    • Direction and a timeline to guide you

    • Give you access to our wide range of professionals to suit your specific needs