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Presentations & Workshops

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Michelle, the owner of Stellick Legacy Estate Services, offers classes and presentations on estate services and things like the importance of planning and getting your affairs in order or even just what happens after someone passes away and we are left to handle their estate. Whether you need a speaker for an event or a private class - Michelle is available.

"Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?"


This 90-minute workshop will help families address common decision-making obstacles when passing on personal possessions. Adults and their adult children are encouraged to attend together. Includes a workbook to take home. 

“The Truth About Stuff”

What are you going to do with the stuff? Sell? Donate? Recycle? Trash? Learn the secrets and reality of an estate clearing company and how to best deal with your stuff before it takes over! You will receive step by step instructions of how to start downsizing on a small scale and an in-depth resource list for donations and recycling. 

60-90-minute presentation.

“Putting Your Ducks in a Row”

Learn the 7 essentials of end-of-life planning in a 90-minute presentation and provide your loved ones with the greatest gift – peace of mind. 

"I Don’t Care, I’ll Be Dead!”

You might be dead, but someone will be left with your mess to clean up. Are your own affairs in order? Or will you be the "someone" to clean up the mess for your loved one? You will learn what it actually means to get your affairs in order and how to handle the mess after the fact. You will be surprised to learn what you are missing. 

45-60-minute presentation.

Upcoming Events

Check out our calendar for upcoming events! 

Here you will be able to see the presentations we have coming up! Some of these are in collaboration with other members of our community as well! 

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