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Resource Team - Referrals

During the estate process, you may need some expert help.  

We can refer you to licensed, insured and trusted resources.

  • Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys - Financial Advisors - CPA's / Tax Advisors - Trustees

  • Senior Transition Specialists - In Home Care - Medicare/Medicaid Specialists

  • Realtors - Property Managers - Real Estate Investors

  • Appraisals - Cleaning - Home Repair

  • Mechanical or Construction Contractors - Yard-work and Landscaping - Dumpsters - Haulers

  • Shipping - Moving - Storage

  • Local charitable donation opportunities to fit your family's interests

We meet contractors at the home to provide access for estimates and oversee the completion of work. We do not receive or accept any financial payment from vendors for referrals. We will work with you on all decisions and represent your interests.

Recycle - Everyone's doing it

Well...not everyone is doing it, but we are.


We have heard of other estate clearing services that group items into three categories - sell, donate, and trash.

During an estate clearing project we try to keep as much as possible out of the landfill, especially hazardous or electronic waste.  There are many local options for recycling and the related costs (sorting, delivery, fees) are generally minimal.  Whether you are thrifty or concerned about the future we'll help you reduce, reuse, and recycle.  



  • Hazardous Waste - Paints, Household Chemicals, Fire Extinguishers, etc.

  • Electronic Waste - TV's, Computers, Small Electronics, Batteries, Light Bulbs

  • Mattresses 

  • Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications - X-rays / MRI's

  • Paper (shredded if needed) - Cardboard - Plastic - Glass

  • Metal - Construction Materials  - Untreated Wood - Yard Waste 

  • Unusable Clothing and Many Other Items

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